Meoli jalla juseyo?

19 Oct

This past weekend we did a lot of new things, but nothing compared to Tyson and Bentley BOTH getting their first Korean haircut. Of course, they were each a comical experience and we still can’t decide which one turned out best. 

Bentley pre-cut

First, we took Bentley to be groomed. Going into it, we knew there were going to be some technical difficulties, but we didn’t know exactly how things would turn out. When we arrived, we of course bowed a little and said the typical  “Annyong haseyo” and let Bentley look around. Then, we put him in this plastic bin with 2 other dogs small dogs and started “talking” to the vet. We tried to give some gestures about how we would like his hair cut, but there are only so many things you can point to and an even more limited number of things you can say when you and the vet don’t speak the same language.

The Health and Well Being Your Pet

When it was his turn, the groomer came in, said nothing and took Bentley back to another room. I have no clue what was back there or how Bentley acted, but we didn’t hear any loud yelps or yelling. The best part of his cut, in my opinion, was hearing the groomer talk to Bentley in Korean the whole time. I guess there isn’t much difference in “stand up” in any language when you have clippers at your butt! I have no clue what Bentley thought of while listening to this guy , but I imagine he thought  something along the lines of, “dude, I don’t know what the hell you are telling me and to be honest, I don’t really care… but as long as you cut this knotted up fur off my back, we’re all good.” Overall, the cut turned out pretty nice and we paid ₩ 35,000, which is around $32 USD. This is a little less than what I used to pay in the States, so I was happy.

Beauty? Check!

doggie bins

Our local vet

Tyson pre-cut

Next, we made a stop at a local barber around the corner from our house. Since it was a Sunday, we weren’t sure if many places would be open, but Tyson’s hair had gone a little too long and he didn’t want to wait another week. Although it was his first international cut, he was still ready to leave it to chance and find the first place open to get trimmed up. We turned the corner from our house, walked to the next main street over and found a spot that had a barber pole outside. When we walked in, the three people inside all stopped talking, the lady greeted us, gestured a bit and had Tyson sit down.

After finishing up with another cut, an older man came over to him, took Tyson to his chair and got after it! During this cut, there were absolutely no words spoken, just the sound of scissors going crazy and the lady smiling in the background. It was a pretty awkward situation, but Tyson’s hair turned out nice, the lady brought us both a yogurt drink and in total, Tyson paid ₩ 10,000, which is around $9 USD. This also included a shampoo, in what seemed like an ankle high sink when Tyson was leaning his head down in it.  I can’t say I wasn’t nervous for him the whole time, but I can say now that he will probably go back again. For the price, again, it beats getting a hair cut and neck shave in the States. Plus this guy is a real handyman with his scissors… no electric clippers used the entire haircut, just a pair of shears and a man with the presision-like skills of Edwards Scissorhands!

a man with a plan

nice little neck shave

yogurt drink?

Unfortunately, we didn’t take a look at these tips before going: How to get your haircut in Korea

Not sure which one was a better deal and a better cut…you be the judge:

all cleaned up

3 Responses to “Meoli jalla juseyo?”

  1. derikandamandagrove October 19, 2012 at 8:31 pm #

    Nice! Im glad you guys had a great experience with haircuts. Around here they’re known to be bad, and I’ve even had to learn how to cut my husbands myself (Im NOT a hairdresser by any means).

  2. Maureen Hanrahan October 19, 2012 at 11:37 pm #

    Yet another great adventure and posting. I am waiting for a story about the first trip to the dentist. No electric drills? Anesthesia? How do you say stop in Hangul?

    I would say on a cost comparison, Tyson got the better deal, but maybe his back hairs were not as matted. Love, M

  3. Erin October 20, 2012 at 6:18 am #

    Love you guys! Laughed hard on this one. Undecided on the haircuts, but Tyson’s definitely got the better smile 🙂

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